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"We tried out these tunes, so far,
at Band Practice"...

What It Takes - Aerosmith
Summer Of 69 - Bryan Adams
Unskinny Bop - Poison
Unchained - Van Halen
I Was Made For Loving You - Kiss
Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard
I Don't Know - Ozzy Osbourne
Rock You Like A Hurricane - The Scorpions
DOA - Van Halen
You Shook Me All Night Long - ACDC
Dragula - Rob Zombie
Born To Be Wild - Steppenwolf
I Can't Drive 55 - Sammy Hagar
*One Way To Rock - Sammy Hagar*
Paradise City - Guns N' Roses
Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith
*Ain't Talkin' Bout Love - Van Halen*
Cult Of Personality - Living Colour
Man In The Box - Alice In Chains
Wanted Dead Or Alive - Bon Jovi
Any Way You Want It - Journey
Enter Sandman - Metallica
Sad But True - Metallica
*Livin After Midnight - Judas Priest*
You've Got Another Thing Comin - Judas Priest
*Balls To The Wall - Accept*